Helen Ng (Hong Kong) is an independent curator who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics from City University of Hong Kong. She then obtained a Professional Certificate in Exhibition Studies and Curatorship from Hong Kong Art School in 2007.

Following this, she started her work at a local gallery as the assistant curator and curated different exhibitions for 30 Hong Kong, Japanese and Korean artists with various medium. She is now focusing on independent curatorial projects. Recent projects include “Shooting Blind: portrayals from the street – photography exhibition by Evangelo Costadimas” (Woodhouse, 2010), “Stretched Connotations” (White Tube, 2010) and “Something Behind” (White Tube, 2009).


  1. BulletIndependent curator, 2009 to present

  2. BulletAssistant curator, Gallery Benten 17 (Central, Hong Kong), 2008-2009


  1. BulletProfessional Certification in Exhibition Studies & Art Curatorship, 2008

  2. BulletBA (Hon) Language Information Science (major in Linguistics), City University of Hong Kong, 2001

guest speaker

  1. Bullet“The Female Body - My Curatorial Notebook”, symposium “Extra/ordinary Dress Code: Costuming and the second skin in Asia”, 2010, Department of English, City University of Hong Kong

curatorial projects

  1. 2010    Shooting Blind: Portrayals from the street, Woodhouse, Hong Kong

  2.             Artist: Evangelo Costadimas(Hong Kong)

  3.             Media: Photography

  4.             Stretched Connotations, (co-curated with Evangelo Costadimas) White Tube, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong

  5.             Artists: Stephanie Sin, Wong Chun Hei, Chan Siu Min, Coral Ho (Hong Kong)

  6.             Media: Painting

  7. 2009    Something behind… (身後‧事), White Tube, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong

  8.             Artists: Damon Tong, Shek Chun Yin (Hong Kong)

  9.             Media: Painting and mixed-media installation

  10.             An event of October Contemporary 2009

  11.             Workshop of “Dream Museum Project” (co-curated with Jeff Leung), Asia Art Archive booth, Hong Kong International Art Fair 2009,

  12.             Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Hong Kong

  13.             Journey, Gallery Benten 17, Hong Kong

  14.             Artist: Yoh Nagao (Japan)

  15.             Media: Mixed-media on canvas, painting

  16.             3 hours live painting during opening reception

  17. 2008    Realm of the Mind, Gallery Benten 17, Hong Kong

  18.             Artists: Joe Lui (Hong Kong), Seiji Yonehara (Japan)

  19.             Media: Painting

  20.             Form and Emptiness, Gallery Benten 17, Hong Kong

  21.             Artists: Simone Boon, Ben Yau, Chiran Poon, Ida Yu, Karpo Tang, Rebeka Tam, Emile

  22.             Tsang, Sarine Chan (Hong Kong)

  23.             Media: Ceramics

  24.             Rainy Days, Gallery Benten 17, Hong Kong

  25.             Artist: Kineta Kunimatsu (Japan)

  26.             Media: Sculpture

  27.             2 hours live sculpting, jamming with African drummer during opening reception

  28.             Daughter 娘, Gallery Benten 17, Hong Kong

  29.             Artist: Aya Sacuraco (Japan)

  30.             Media: Mixed-media on paper

  31.             Live performance “Nyotaimori” (nude sushi) with cosplay at opening reception

  32.             Intersection, Gallery Benten 17, Hong Kong

  33.             Artists: Ali Wong, Brian Hung, Samson Young (Hong Kong)

  34.             Seiji Yonehara, Yoh Nagao, Yuko Tanaka (Japan)

  35.             Hyungmin Moon, Kira Kim, Pheobe Junghee Shin (Korea)

  36.             Media: Mixed-media, painting, photography

  37.             Art-to-wear (co-curated with Movana Chen), Gallery Benten 17, Hong Kong

  38.             Artist: Daphne Lau, Grace Tang, Movana Chen (Hong Kong)

  39.             Media: Mixed-media

  40.             Live performance by Saffron Leung with artwork by Daphne Lau, jamming with DJ Janno during the opening reception